Christmas Time, Ten Sing Time

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or – “What can I do with my Ten Sing Group around Christmas?”

Thinking about Christmas the last days made me remember how much fun I always had around that time of year with my local Ten Sing group back in the days. Also I thought about what some Ten Sing groups that I heard of do around Christmas Time. So I wanted to give you all a little insight and some ideas on what to do with your Ten Sing Group around the Christmas-holidays. First things first. What to do:

1. Rehearse some Christmas songs with the whole Ten Sing group.

2. Decide with everyone for a Charity Project that you want to support.

3. Put on some Christmas clothing and get into the Christmas mood.

From here we can build up some things:

a) Why not take the bunch of Ten Singers out for a stroll to go singing around your neighbourhood before Christmas, for example on Saint Nicholas Day or some other special day in the holiday-season. Go to the neighbours, ring the bell and sing your songs. Ask them for some money for the good cause and of course for some sweets for you 🙂 Then head on to the next. Or just locate yourself in a pedestrian area (near to some shopping malls) and sing your songs. Don’t forget to ask the local authorities for permission, if needed. I don’t want you to spend your Christmas in jail 🙂 Come back with everyone after the singing and prepare some hot chocolate and eat aaaaaaaallllllll the candy. Don’t forget to take a photo, count the money for Charity, send it to the Charity and write an article for the local newspaper about your effort.

b) If there is a local Christmas market in your town or city, why not contact the Christmas Market and ask them for 1. Singing at the Christmas Market 2. Have a booth at the Christmas market where you can sell non-alcoholic beverage like hot Chocolate or tea or hot orange juice and some Christmas food. This means a lot of organisation but it is great fun and you can not only fundraise money for a good cause but also for your Ten Sing group.

c) Go to your pastor or priest and ask them if you can sing at church. Either you can do that during a sunday service or there could be even a Ten Sing Christmas Service. You can sing songs, even act out a drama scene, read from the holy scripture. There is a lot of possibilities. And after the service you can ask for some money for the Charity project that you are fundraising for.

These are only some possibilities that I heard of. I would be very interested what you are doing in your Ten Sing group around Christmas time. Or are you doing nothing at all? Are you motivated to start some activities now or for next year? Leave a message and tell us about it.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, be blessed, safe, sound and warm.

Ten Singers from Ziegenhain decorate the Christmas tree.©Fotos: Gerhard Reidt

Ten Singers from Ziegenhain decorate the Christmas tree. ©Photo: Gerhard Reidt