Conference 2018, Berlin

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Curry Wurst, Kartoffelsalat and The 30th European Ten Sing Conference

A few days ago we hugged each other goodbye after four inspiring days with debates, presentations, decision-making, several cups of coffee and last but not least; great company.

The 30th European Ten Sing Conference took place the 1st to 4th of March 2018 in the German capitol, Berlin. At arrival Thursday, the setting was made at  Jugendgästehaus Hauptbahnhof, a Christian Guesthouse near the Central Station and some of the biggest attraction in Berlin.





Delegates from Norway, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, England and Denmark were gathered to talk about Constitution, By Laws and European Ten Sing Festival SPEKTER!



Constitution, By-Laws and Executive Group


For the Constitution the ETS Conference voted for the possibility to suspense countries from the ETS Group, if they no longer qualify as a member. In the By-Laws different wording-changes were made.

For the Executive Group Anna Aschjem (Norway) and Franca Kneier (Germany) were re-elected, which mean that the Executive group will remain as it is.

Throughout the days we many interesting and important discussions on what Christianity means in Ten Sing, and how it is used in different ways in different countries and even different Ten Sing-groups in each country.


International Evening

Everything was not just official documents and discussions. We spent a lot of time talking, smiling and exchanging ideas from our national Ten Sing movements.

Friday night was the International Evening. An evening to celebrate diversity by showing our different cultures and traditions.


Czech Dance, Hungarian Palenka, German songs, Danish Flæskesvær and many others specialities from the different nations made it such a nice evening.


A short trip around Europe where we felt a bit of the different cultures, which really made us feel one, despite different nationalities.


National Evening


The city was Berlin, so of course we did not spent all the time at the Guest House and in the Conference Room. The last evening of the conference was the National Evening. Germany was in focus, and Franca, our Chairperson, gave us a guided tour through the streets of Berlin.

We saw all the big sights: Brandenburger Tor, TV Tower, The Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Monument with living stories told passionate by Franca.

What is a national evening without traditional food? Nothing of course. So we went to a nice restaurant with the kindest owner. Some of us ordered Kartoffelsalat mit Wurst (Potato salad with sausages) which gave the real feeling of being German, and together we could say PROST (Cheers).



Getting ready to European Ten Sing Festival SPEKTER 2018

One of the biggest conversations subjects was the European Ten Sing Festival SPEKTER this summer.

Everyone was so excited and we, in the IPPG, got so many good inputs, names for volunteer jobs etc.

Feeling this kind of excitement makes it great to be a volunteer and days after the conference, I still feel full of new energy.

The festival will take place at a small island, Kalvøya, outside Oslo, Norway, August 7th to 12th, and will be full of cool workshops, thoughtful seminars, wild concerts and the best Ten Sing-feeling you can imagine!

We in the IPPG and all delegates at the ETS Conference are really looking forward to celebrating the 50th Birthday of the Ten Sing Movement in Norway this summer together with many people from Europe and other countries around the globe!

Practical information about the festival can be found on the following website:


So Long!

For me this was my very first European Ten Sing Conference. Personally I have learned a lot from meeting the other delegates and sharing the Ten Sing-feeling. I recommend everyone who gets the chance to attend such a meeting: You will not regret it.



Thanks to Germany for having us!

And thanks to the delegates for being present and great company!


See you in Summer!


Author: Kristoffer Vindum, Delegate of Ten Sing Denmark and IPPG member