European Ten Sing Festival 2018

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In 2018, August 7 – 12, the European Ten Sing Festival and the Spekter Festival will join together to become one big festival for youth and young adults. The previous festival in Ziegenhain 2011 gathered around 2000 Ten Singers. Now we are excited to bring the festival back to Norway where it all began fifty years ago, to celebrate both our history and the movement today.

Ten Sing has made a huge impact on young people all across Europe during these 50 years. It’s been a place where many teens have experienced their first stage appearance, leaps of faith, sense of responsibility and maybe even their first kiss! Now is the chance to make new friends and experiences, and join a big community choir of Ten Singers at ETS 2018!

All events will happen at Kalvøya, 15 minutes outside Oslo. The festival provides space for the whole human being in a multi-cultural, Christian community. You will experience concerts from different Ten Sing groups and bands, sports activities, faith, big shows in the circus tent, workshops, civic engagement, dialogue and music. You can hang out with friends and get to know new people. The festival is an alcohol free and smoking free zone.


SPEKTER the festival where culture, faith and justice meet.

The festival is organised by the Norwegian YMCA – YWCA, a Christian organisation with 17,000 members throughout the country. We are part of the world-wide YWCA and YMCA movement.


  • The festival offers concerts, seminars and activities and you can choose what you want to attend. The point is that you should be yourself and do what you like.
  • The festival arena is divided into different areas with different themes. You can visit the Local Theater, Jalla Jalla (different games), Do It Yourself (DIY), Tonorama (music), Scouts universe, Sports, Civic Engagement and the church. The areas will include drop-in activities and seminars.
  • There will be several Ten Sing performances and Ten Sing related activities and one of the days will be specially dedicated to the 50th anniversary with former and current Ten Singers
  • You will be able to register for some of the seminars through our website in spring 2018. Most of the activities will not require registration and you just show up at the start of the seminar.


The festival arena – The festival will be at Kalvøya, an island close to Sandvika 15 minutes outside Oslo.

Accommodation and local transport

All participants will sleep at schools close to Sandvika. The festival pass works as a ticket on regular buses from the different schools to the bus station in Sandvika. Kalvøya is a 15 minute walk distance from the bus station.


The food is included in the festival ticket. Breakfast and supper are served at the schools. You`ll be able to make your own packed lunch at breakfast. Dinner is served at the festival area. There will be various kiosks and cafes at the festival where you can buy mineral water, pastries, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, candy floss and ice cream.


Early-bird pricing until March 15th 2018 (registrations available HERE ):

  • Nordic countries (excluding Norway) – 199 Euros
  • Western Europe and all European countries which are not named above & below – 169 Euros
  • Central Europe: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia – 119 Euros
  • Eastern Europe and International Groups: Albania, Armenia, Bellarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Georgia, Moldavia, Kosovo, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India – 79 Euros

It will cost 20 Euros extra after 15th of March.

The prices for the festival pass include: accommodation, all activities and meals.
The travel costs is not included.

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