TEN SING-DASSEL Seminar 2015

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From the 7. – 12. April the German Ten Sing seminar took place in a cozy little place called Dassel in the middle of Germany. 164 motivated Ten Singers came together to experience Ten Sing for a whole week and improve their skills. Several workshops were offered governing topics like choral conducting, drama, dancing, band, event technologies, multimedia and leading skills. But not only skills regarding workshops were improved but also the chance participate in the programm and therefore feature the plot was given. Under the motto „heroes of home“ (arb. translation) the plot was continued along the week until the seminar ended in a concert. This big show was rehearsed throughout the seminar and all elements were performed by the participants.

The TEN SING DASSEL-Seminar is a German wide seminar organized by the German Ten Sing board. The concept includes the fundamentals of Ten Sing like the 3 C’s (extended in Germany by Competence and Care to the 5 C’s) and leading from behind. Therefore the aim is also to improve the leading skills of the team by providing the change to take responsibilities apart from their workshop. Challenging tasks like moderation of group meetings and the preparation of the extensive programm can be faced as well as the offer to be coached by experienced Ten Singers.

For questions regarding the german ten sing seminars contact Franca Kneier: franca.kneier[ät]arcor.de