Ten Sing Eurovision in Denmark

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On February 2nd around fifty Danish Ten Singers met up for what has developed into an annual get-together for the Danish Ten Sing groups, this year was the 3rd time it took place. The event is a Ten Sing “exclusive” called “Ten Sing Melodi Grand Prix” – a Ten Sing version of the Eurovision song contest – where all the Danish Ten Sing groups, who wish to participate meet up and “play/sing it out” for the title. This year the event took place in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

We met up at the YMCA building in the city, where old Ten Singers had the opportunity to reignite old friendships and newer members a chance to experience the “Ten Sing-feel” on a larger scale than what they see in their respective groups.

Having been a part of every “Ten Sing MGP” so far, and many other Ten Sing events before that, it is especially interesting to see how friendships between younger Ten Singers from different parts of the country gradually form. Observing connections like these are one of the things I appreciate when we get together like this.

The competition itself went very well, 4 groups had made their own songs which were all great, and a new Ten Sing group local to the area played a couple of songs for the rest of us, even though they had not had time to write a song themselves. Meeting them for the first time was definitely another highlight of the “MGP”. After the winners played their song again and the rest of the Ten Singers tried to sing along, we had a nice evening, with board games, singing, and a strange game called “ninja” which rules I still do not understand. The next morning the participants were leaving for home, and though that is always a sad moment, we all knew that we were gonna meet up again next year, which made it a lot easier.

Best Regards
Mads, The Danish Ten Sing Board