TEN SING Event on the German Kirchentag 2015

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From the 3.-7. June 2015 almost 100,000 permanent visitors came together in Stuttgart to celebrate the German Kirchentag (Church Congress). Together with other youth organizations from all over Germany the YMCA Germany was presenting their work and therefore also German Ten Sing groups were showing their concerts all over the city. Coordinated by a team from the German national Ten Sing board this culminated in a big show on a stage at the best location in the center of the city at prime time. Under the motto „Late Night Show“ a moderator lead through various aspects of Ten Sing.

The chance to perform on a stage with hundreds of people watching was given to all Ten Sing groups on the Kirchentag and therefore the program was featured by local groups, regional projects and the Ten Ging Germany band and the special guest Ten Sing Norway who came to Germany especially for the Kirchentag and enriched the Kirchentag experience for all Ten Singers with great performances and cultural exchange. The show explained to the audience the main elements of Ten Sing: choir, band, dancing and drama while the Ten Sing concept was explained to the audience by two moderators and several talk guests.

Together with hundreds of Ten Singers there were several hundred visitors relaxing in the park or celebrated in front of the stage what displays the great success of this opportunity to reach churches and youth work all over Germany even in places where Ten Sing is unknown yet. The next Kirchentag will be in 2017 in Berlin and Ten Sing will be there to spread the Ten Sing word. You can follow Ten Sing Germany on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TENSINGLAND

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