Ten Sing in China

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From 13th to 23rd of April 2014, the Ten Sing Germany team was reaching new shores. The YMCA/YWCA – Chengdu invited the group from YMCA Germany, to present and start Ten Sing as a youth work programme in Chengdu, a 15 million people city in the Chinese province Sichuan.

In the courtyard of a YMCA-school in China: a huge group of kids are running away from us laughing. Language barrier? No problem! We communicate with something, that we learned when we were children: we play tag. The kids show an enthusiasm for Ten Sing, that we were not prepared for…

The preperation was done by Albrecht Kaul, China representative of CVJM Gesamtverband in Deutschland e.V and the project was run by Anne Röhl, Hannes Leitlein und Sebastian Vogt.

After three preparation meetings the 15 German people team went off to China. They advertised for Ten Sing in different schools. Overall around 1200 pupils had one school-lesson of pure Ten Sing. Over 600 people saw the concert programme with music, drama and dance. To overcome the language barrier they used movement, music, mimics and gestures instead of words. Another highlight was the Chinese song that we performed together with the Chinese young people. During the last song the whole audience stormed the stage.

Another milestone was the workshop day. All people interested in Ten Sing could come and experience it. The conclusion of the project marked the future meeting. The German Ten Sing met with about 25 young people from Chengdu, to formulate the vision for the future of Ten Sing Chengdu. The group scheduled the first events and collected first ideas for international projects. Since then Ten Sing Chengdu is meeting regularly for rehearsals.

Ten Sing Germany says thank you to all supporters and donors. Further information & possibilities to donate can be found at www.tensingland.de/chinaprojekt. The project was funded by „Konto K-Mitteln (Kulturfondsmittel des Auswärtigen Amtes)”.