The New Year Means New Possibilities

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Happy New Year! 

We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday, and we sincerely hope you have eaten lots of delicious food and sung one too many Christmas songs.

Maybe some of you have been preforming with your Ten Sing group during Christmas, or participated in a New Year´s Camp. With a new year,a new Ten Sing semester starts.

Maybe the year of 2015 is your Ten Sing group´s year to expand or to try something new?

We will love to hear about what your plans are, feel free to share them on our Facebook page!

Many people take advantage of the new year. The possibility to leave things behind in the previous year, gives an opportunity to start over with clean sheets.

The ETS also wants to change, and in February -March big things will happen in the European Ten Sing. Our annual ETS Conference will take place in Zurich, Switzerland  and hopefully we will change the ETS to the better.

The new ETS Strategy will be developed during the conference. The wish for the ETS is to be more relevant to our member movements and local Ten Sing groups all over Europe.

The work on the ETS Strategy is very important for the group and will have impact on our future work and aims.

For this we need input and creative thoughts on how we can organize the ETS to become more relevant.

What shall the ETS Group be? What will you as member movement and local group benefit from?

We are looking forward to see what the ETS will be!