TT15 – Teen Festival in Gjøvik, Norway

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TT is short for “TenåringsTreff”, which in English means “Teenagers meeting”. It is the biggest festival arranged by the Norwegian YMCA-YWCA. This #TenSingSummer the TT-festival took place from the 23rd to the 28th of June.

Every year teenagers from all over Norway and the world get together in the small, cozy town called Gjøvik, to share one week of Christian fellowship, new friends and tons of fun. The participants travel with their local Ten Sing, SportY, youth and confirmation groups or other parts of the Norwegian and international YMCA-YWCA movement.

Every day we have morning- and night shows in “Fjellhallen” – a hockey field inside a mountain which is made into a stage area. It can fit all the 1500 participants we are this year.

The theme for TT 2015 is “The bigger picture” and the shows present the theme with wise words about life and Christianity, a lot of singing, and of course our traditional YMCA-YWCA dancing with our traditional TT scarfs.

“TT-torget” is a hangout area at an old farm in the middle of “downtown” Gjøvik. During the day people can listen to Ten Singers and other groups perform on the stage, play sports like volleyball and soccer, visit the TT-church, stop by one of the many tents with fun activities or just hang out in the sun. A new feature this year is two whole festival days of workshops. The teenagers participated at a five hour workshop each day; for example baking, longboarding, swing dancing, choir, swimming, self defense, urban exploring and so on.

Being here at TT in Gjøvik is truly an awesome experience. It is a great fellowship where we get to know God, ourselves and each other better and get friends and memories for life.

– Anna-Kristine Bakken Erichsen (17 years), member of Hokksund Ten Sing



All photos: Torstein Ihle