European Ten Sing Commitment

The European Ten Sing Commitment 2021 (ETS.COM21) is our strategy for developing the European Ten Sing movement until 2021. It was established by ETS Conference 2015 in Zurich/Switzerland. The ETS.COM21 is our Guiding Principal for our activities and it is our understanding of what is the purpose of the European Ten Sing Group.

ETS Commitment Visualised 2MISSION:
The European Ten Sing Group is a network that represents and helps to grow, support and coordinate the Ten Sing movement.





VISION:ETS Commitment Visualised 1
In 2021 the European Ten Sing Group (ETS) is an integral part of YMCA Europe. ETS is known on all YMCA Europe levels and it is part of the decision-making processes.
ETS is a network that provides a space for partnerships between groups and exchange of ideas.
ETS is a platform for youth empowerment within the Ten Sing movement.

You can download the visualisation of the ETS.COM21 as .PDF here.

You can download the written version of the ETS.COM21 as .PDF here.