Ten Sing

Ten Sing is a international Christian youth work programme within the YMCA and YWCA. It focuses on providing safe spaces for young people to express themselves by using their own culture, social contex and abilities through creative arts.

The first Ten Sing group was established in Bergen, Norway, in 1968, and has since that time spread to all over Europe and beyond. In addition to established Ten Sing groups in many European countires, you´ll find groups in China, Sri Lanka and Mexico among others.

In Ten Sing youth get the opportunity to self-development, on both a personal and social level. The young people are encouraged to take responsibility and leadership in the Ten Sing group. Through this the programme works as a constant leadership training. To provide a safe and enhancing environment in Ten Sing, it’s important that while youth are  responsible, there is also adult presence in the group.

The three C’s “Culture, Creativity and Christ” are all equally important parts of the Ten Sing Idea, and shall individually and together be integrated in the Ten Sing programme. The membership in Ten Sing is open to everyone willing to share these values. However there is no restriction on memebership in terms of religious beliefs.

Kingswood Ten Sing, England on stage at the European Ten Sing Festival 2011

Kingswood Ten Sing from England on stage at the European Ten Sing Festival 2011


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