International Ten Sing Workshop @ COP21

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4 Ten Singers from Germany were sent to Camp Climate of the World YMCA to spread the Ten Sing idea.
Camp Climate was a World YMCA conference during International Climate Negotiations COP21 in Paris. It aimed to show the voice of young people on climate changes. (
More Ten Singers from Czech Republic and Norway participated Camp Climate so a small European Ten Sing group directly connected. Together they offered a workshop for all YMCA people to get a taste of the Ten Sing feeling. The workshop participants experienced the basics of Ten Sing by singing, dancing and acting. Further the concept and idea of Ten Sing were explained to empower the motivated people how to found a Ten Sing group.

To complete the Ten Sing experience they got the change to perform together with the European Ten Singers during the YMCA party on a boot. This presentation displayed the energy and possibilities of Ten Sing to all participants of Camp Climate. In addition this opened a space for conversations about Ten Sing and how to start a group.

All in all it was a great experience for the European Ten Singers, the newly Ten Sing touched people in the workshop and the whole world YMCA people.
Thanks to the World YMCA for the invitation and the possibility to be part of the camp climate.